The Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force (YTF) is convened as the entity responsible for facilitating youth engagement in the Stockholm+50 International Meeting processes and consists of young people from different youth constituencies and youth focused entities.

The YTF works closely in cooperation with the Stockholm+50 secretariat and relevant supporting partners, responsible for coordinating and organising the outreach to young people, sharing the messages of the commemoration conference and creating a proactive movement of youth engagement in all the Stockholm+50 processes at grassroot, national, regional and global level.


The YTF also amplifies youth co-leadership, where youth activities are led and shaped by young people with support from relevant partners. Therefore youth are not only beneficiaries but also drivers and enablers in creating change, making both the Stockholm+50 conference and its preparatory process an empowering exercise for the young generation.

The YTF is composed jointly by the National Council of Swedish Youth Organizations (LSU), as ex-officio focal point to the Swedish government, and the Children and Youth Major Group of UNEP (CYMG), as ex-officio focal point to the leading agency.


The YTF It has a global representation, with 57 international youth delegates from different countries via an open application process, ranging from 16 to 35 years of age. They came from different regional, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds to bring their perspectives on Youth Engagement. It comprises focal points, representatives from youth engagement mechanisms, constituencies, and platforms that are relevant to the work of Stockholm+50.


Santhiya Ananth

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Final year law student at Tamil Nadu National Law University. Interested in environmental & indigenous people rights. Volunteers in Children & Youth Major Group of UNEP.

Zuhair Ahmed Kowshik_edited.jpg

Zuhair Ahmed Kowshik



A Bangladeshi-born global citizen. Loyal towards ‘Mother Nature.’  Demonstrates excellent leadership skills and has ample experience working with government ministries, academic institutions, INGOs, and others. He has completed his graduation and post-graduation on Disaster Management from the University of Dhaka. As a recognition of his tireless activism, was awarded the ‘Hanyang (South Korea) Youth Changemaker Award’ in 2017. Currently, he facilitates youth participation in international environmental governance processes as a regional focal point for Asia-Pacific at Children and Youth Major Group to UN Environment Program.   


Jin Tanaka



A spokes person for environmental issues for climate change, Water resource Conservation, Energy Transition, Environmental Education and Ocean management. He is based in Japan and Asia Pacific countries to emphasize the youth activities for environmental conservation for the future life habitat via advocating and cooperating with companies, local government and international convention. He is also focusing on sustainable youth development for the next generation via education and entrepreneurship.

Pengfei Jiang_headshot.jpg

Pengfei Jiang



Founder of SDGs Curriculum Office, as well as the Assistant Dean of Long-Spring Education Group which has more than 30,000 students across China. He specializes in curriculum development, and he intends to empower students with STEM knowledge to solve problems for SDGs. He also delivers teacher training program which educates more than 450 newly qualified teachers, in terms of how to deliver SDGs education, every summer. Pengfei is an Oxford graduate with MSc in Education, and he did BA in Educational Studies at The University of York.

Avenir Light es una fuente limpia y elegante, apreciada por los diseñadores. Es agradable a la vista e ideal para títulos, párrafos y más.

Santhiya Ananth

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Avenir Light es una fuente limpia y elegante, apreciada por los diseñadores. Es agradable a la vista e ideal para títulos, párrafos y más.

Yoko Lu.png

Yoko Lu




A multipotentialite who is a recent graduate M.Sc. Environmental Biology. She is a globetrotter who has lived in China, Japan, Finland, United Kingdom, and Belize to pursue her interests. She is Co-Founder of the CYBN and has been involved with the International Union Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) as a North America Focal Point for the Young Professionals Group. She is also heavily involved with the UNFCCC YOUNGO.

Aatika Patel.jpg

Aatika Patel



Rhiannon Mackie

New Zealand


A youth climate and environmental activist and advocate working in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Passionate about ensuring that the voices of youth are brought to decision-making tables, and work to ensure meaningful inclusion of young people's perspectives around climate and environment at all levels of engagement.


Shantanu Mandal

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A steering committee member for UNEP MGCY as a thematic facilitator for Environment and Faith. A Youth representative of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University to major UN processes like UNFCCC,UNCCD, UNCBD and UNFSS, he actively brings the spiritual dimensions in the solutions. He is a lecturer of Design, Communications, a mentor in Care About Climate Academy and a Rajyoga Meditation Teacher. His message; "Simplicity is Kindness".

A gender, climate and mental health advocate from Fiji Islands. Believes that both human rights and the environment are central to my drive to create engaging events which explore contemporary issues that affect women, girls and young people around the world. I also volunteer with UN Women as a National Gender Youth ACTIVIST and professioanlly work as a communications consultant. 

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Saher Baig



Avenir Light es una fuente limpia y elegante, apreciada por los diseñadores. Es agradable a la vista e ideal para títulos, párrafos y más.

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Hein Htet Oo



Is studying global environmental history at Parami University as well as FXB Climate Advocate and a part of Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force.

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A young project coordinator of Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities (SEED4Com) in the Philippines and currently the Asia-Pacific Regional Facilitator of Children and Youth Major Group to UNEP

Clarence Gio Almoite



Felipe Gomez Gallo



Environmental and Civil Engineer with a minor in Biodiversity and Environmental Science from Colombia. His expertise include youth meaningful engagement, SDGs, engineering education, and climate change mitigation & adaptation. Has experience in leadership with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. He is member of UNEP MGCY, YOUNGO SDG4Youth Network. Currently Is President of the Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED), a worldwide non-profit student organization that connects engineering with education, sustainability,


Alejandro Luque


CCRIF Scholar Christianne Zakour photo4.jpeg
CCRIF Scholar Christianne Zakour photo4.jpeg

Is the Small Island Developing States Regional Facilitator for UNEP Major Group of Children and Youth. Having been passionate about the environment from a young age, she pursued a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and is currently undertaking her MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, where she is writing her thesis on youth in climate resilience. She is passionate about environmental governance and climate justice.

Christianne Zakour


Trinidad &

Activist and visual artist. With more than 4 years in professional painting, has used his art to portray the need to care for the environment. He believes that in order to achieve full wellbeing, it is necessary to work on three pillars: environmental awareness, education and mental health. He hosts a podcast called Eudaimonia where he talks to professionals about ways to achieve those three pillars. He focuses on educating on legislation. He has mediated public-private partnerships around environmental education and is part of the Children Major Group. 


Dalia Fernanda Márquez Añez



A  lawyer from Venezuela with a Master’s Degree in Humans Rights. Passionate about defending Human Rights, the environment, promoting gender equality, and peacebuilding. Founder of the NGO “Juventud Unida en Acción”, an institution in which for 9 years she has been developing programs to empower young people, women's, promote peacebuilding, environmental care, and developed social programs in vulnerable communities within the framework of the 2030 agenda.


Christine Majeni




Hassan Mowlid



From Mogadishu, he is professionally qualified in public health and public administration. He is also a Global Climate Change Teacher, Environmental Activist, Advocate for Climate Change Solutions, humanitarian worker, working towards achieving UN sustainable Development Goals & Working towards Youth and Women Empowerment. o-founder and Executive Director at Somali Greenpeace Association. Highly active member in different international and local environmental protection driven organizations in such as, CYMG of UNEP


Magdaline Amadi



Rabecca Laibich



Spokesperson representing African youths for the Unesco man and biosphere program in celebration of 50th anniversary. Kenyan task force youth member for the Stockholm +50. passionate about conservation work and advocating for climate justice.

Ismail Sidi Ali.JPG

Ismail Sidi Ali



Pauline Owiti.jpg

Pauline Owiti



Professional agronomist and a community development agent. She is the Founder of The Polly Foundation a Community Based initiative training the community on best practices of sustainable organic farming and afforestation. has a strong background in Ocean Conservation and Climate advocacy, She worked as an event coordinator at Mock COP26 and served as the National Coordinator of Kenya at United Nations Conference of Youth. Her goal create a sustainable healthy planet where youth voices are considered into decision making practices as part of participation and democracy. 


Youth4Climate:DrivingAmbition and PreCOP26 Delegate, Climate Change Ambassador,
YOUNGO and UNEP MGCY member, SDG7 Youth Consituency, ISEC National Director
Chad, Youth Climate Advocate and FastAction member of UN Foundation; with experiences
received through the most prestigious leading leadership programs such as One Young
World, YOUNGA Youth Delegate, YALI …Sylvain Djérambété has been identified as one of Top 1% of changemakers from
accross the world who is taking action for Global Goals by UNITE 2030. 

Nandini Tanya Lallmon



Appointed as African Youth Charter Hustler for Mauritius by the African Union Office of the Youth Envoy, Facilitates the meaningful participation of youth in planning, negotiation and decision-making processes. As legal lead of the #Reform53 campaign, she lobbies against discriminatory laws at the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network under the Royal Commonwealth Society. As part of the Youth Sounding Board of the European Commission for International Partnerships, she empowers marginalized youth through  developing inclusive spaces.

Sylvain Djérambété



BSc. Environmental Science degree holder and ongoing masters student towards a qualification in MSc. Environmental Science. Core team member and volunteer at the Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa CYNESA. (http://www.cynesa.org/).
I am a registered and certified Associate Environmental Consultant, licensed to practice in Keanya.


An environmental planner and educator; passionate about community empowerment through ecosystem restoration. A YALI alumni, volunteer with the Stockholm +50 Youth Task Force and Kenya Climate Change Working Group. I aim at ensuring every Kenyan youth understands their role in creating a healthy Kenya for our current and future generations. Every person and action counts.


 a South Sudanese Activist, youth leader and expert in Youth, Peace and Security with keen interest in meaningful engagement of youth in policy development to cause positive impact. He is currently a steering committee member of the pan African Youth Networks Movement. His environmental advocacy is premised on the belief that without consideration for environmentally sustainable development, will increase undermining prosperity, peace and security. He is currently researching the nexus between Climate change, migration and conflict. 

Patrick Godi

South Sudan

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(HE/him) is an exuberant software, water, and environmental engineer who is changing lives and inspiring a new generation of environmentalists and farmers. Muindi, who was born in the Republic of Kenya, enjoys working with a team that advances in terms of expertise, mitigation and adaptation actions, socioeconomic development, and innovation.




Lydia Guda



Muindi Maingi


Vandermel .jpg

An environmental science researcher, artist, and activist investigating eco-friendly solutions to climate change. She strives to learn about and address climate injustices and ground the pervasive reality of irreparable climate change. Her environmental work has received recognition in/from the International Eco-Hero Awards, United Nations Individual Community Service Awards, Climate Reality Leadership Corps, among others.

Jackie Vandermel

United States

Shreya Ramachandran.jpg

Shreya Ramachandran


United States

Inspired by both droughts in California and water access in India. Has made it her mission to tackle these problems through the use of greywater. She has created her own nonprofit, The Grey Water Project, to educate and provide resources to diverse audiences on water recycling at home and in the workplace. She has won numerous awards for both her research and advocacy including The President's Environmental Youth Award and is a National Geographic Young Explorer.  Shreya has pursued policy influence locally as Fremont City’s Youth Sustainability Commissioner.

A Nlakapamux and Yakama Indigenous Youth from Canada. She works as a Community Climate Justice Coordinator with VIDEA. She is a Generation Power Intern with Indigenous Clean Energy. She is also a member of the Youth Advisory Group with the Canadian Commission of UNESCO. She is a strong advocate for climate justice along with Human and Indigenous rights. Her other passions include filmmaking, kayaking, and hiking.

Skw'akw'as (Sunshine) Dunstan-Moore



Björn Fondén Portrait Jan-22.jpg

Björn Fondén



A young climate advisor with vast experience from working in the private sector, civil society and the United Nations for a better, more sustainable world. Believes in the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable society for all. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Global Economic Governance in Europe and researching the operationalization of carbon markets in the Paris Agreement. In the Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force, he wants to contribute to an inclusive process and meaningful outcome of S+50 that puts an end to the use of fossil fuels and rebalances our relationship to nature.


Leonor Lobo



Currently doing a master’s degree, aiming to become a scientific researcher focused on understanding and helping our environment.  Knows the impact the climate withof her lifestyle, so everyday I make choices to be more sustainable and have a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, for the sake of our planet and every organism in it. Is part of Symbios/ Kilmatsudenterna Stockholm University, where she can engage young people to participate in environmental activities and raise their awareness about our current climatic situation. 

Joe Wilkins.jpg

Environmentalist and ocean-lover, with a background in ecosystem ecology and a passion to achieve greater youth involvement and empowerment in conservation and environmental policy. Joe is the Engagement Coordinator and Conventions & Policy Officer at Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, a one-of-a-kind organisation working to meaningfully empower youth in conservation.
In addition, he is Head of Campaigns at UK Youth for Nature, a member of the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council, and Assistant Editor at An Hour in the Deep e-magazine.

Joe Wilkins

United Kingdom


Ahmed Ouda



A final year medical student. 
He was a member of the task force team for UN Women in the Arab region. 
His role includes serving on the global steering committee of the Children and Youth Major Group of UNEP.  As well, he is a member of the Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force  


The main function of the YTF consists of coordinating and providing substantive youth inputs to the various thematic aspects of Stockholm+50, throughout the whole process, ensuring that the youth perspective is included in a meaningful way, facilitating engagement of broader youth communities, planning and conducting the self-organised youth activities and events of various scopes, through their networks, and mobilize winder youth communities via outreach, social media, and consultation based activities.


The Youth Task Force, launched November 10th, 2021, has been working, since constituted, on two main workstreams: Policy Paper Workstream to conduct, enable and map youth consultations for generating policy priorities and engagement of youth globally, and the Handbook Workstream which had developed a handbook for youth and interested partners to organize actions, activities, events and consultations in the lead-up to Stockholm+50. They are held both globally and regionally and are aligned with UN events and key regional processes.