Youth @ United Nations General Assembly, New York

Background & context

A one-day preparatory meeting for Stockholm+50 was held on Monday, 28 March 2022 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The meeting was convened by the President of the General Assembly and chaired by the Stockholm+50 co-hosts, Sweden and Kenya. The objective of the meeting is to consider the preparations for the leadership dialogues and other preparations for the international meeting.


The meeting was structured around three consecutive interactive discussions on the preparations for the three Stockholm+50 Leadership Dialogues. With support from NCM and Kenya, the youth constituency supported participation of 4 fully-funded youth to the meeting, alongside further youth delegates who participated suppored by their organisations or their own funding.


For the funded spots, we received a total of 320+ applications from 70+ distinct countries for interested young people to participate at the Pre-Meeting. An internal selection team of 17 youth volunteers worked intensively through the applications in a competitive process and selected 4 young people from various regions, youth networks and stakeholder/minority groups for funded participation at the Pre-Meeting. This includes representatives from ECOSOC, UNEA and Specially Accredited organisations.