Upcoming Towards Stockholm+50 Webinar, and Peoples’ Environment Narrative &Messages from the MGS

Dear colleagues across the Globe,

On behalf of the Towards Stockholm+50 team, below please find summaries of two upcoming Stockholm+50 related events that Major Group and other stakeholder representatives can participate in. We certainly hope that you will!

1. Don't miss Towards Stockholm+50 Webinar 4 on Thursday, 12 May: Connecting the Dots – Making a Forceful Canon of the Rio Conventions and the Multilateral Environmental Agreements,

moderated by John E. Scanlon, AO, former Secretary-General of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

You can find the topic and speaker details for all of the TS+50 Legacy webinars, and register for the upcoming ones, here. Links to the recordings of past webinars can be found there too.

And when you visit the events registration page, please be sure to listen to the pre-webinar podcasts. They will introduce you to our speakers and to the Stockholm+50 Legacy topics they will cover. Don’t want to miss a newly released podcast? Subscribe to the series by visiting Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.

2. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for The Peoples’ Environment Narrative and the Messages from the Major Groups Stockholm+50 online consultations

May 18: The Peoples’ Environment Narrative - The Stockholm Legacy Themes May 19: Messages from the Major Groups

5 PM–9 PM EAT ● 4 PM–8 PM CET ● 10 AM-2 PM EDT ● 7 AM–11 AM PDT each day

Register by 16 May to facilitate coordination and communication with attendees.

What are they? They’re online consultations for stakeholders by stakeholders on “Stockholm+50 with a view to 2030”

Event Summaries

These virtual conferences are open to all stakeholders who have been active in the protection and conservation of the environment. Bearing in mind the ongoing work of non-state actors and the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, the organisers will provide thematic guidance during these two days.

Day 1, 18 May - The Peoples Environment Narrative, organised by Stakeholder Forum and ForUM Norway, will focus on the seven Legacy Themes (below), and the outcomes of a series of legacy webinars that have been conducted over the past two months, where a broad range of stakeholders (1,600 registered) around the globe have taken part. The Legacy Themes summarized below have their institutional origin in the 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, and have had a direct relation to UNEP for 50 years.

  • Civil society, non-state stakeholders, and how they have worked for the environment and UNEP

  • Environmental diplomacy and the need for multilateralism

  • Science and the environment – What now?

  • Environmental rights, human rights, and environmental justice

  • Resolution 73/333 “Strengthening environmental governance and law”

  • The environment, education, and the future; and

  • Connecting the dots – making a forceful canon of the Rio Conventions and the MEAs

A summary of their recommendations will be presented during a side event at Stockholm+50 and then integrated into ‘The Peoples’ Environment Narrative,’ a peoples’ consultation document representing stakeholders’ views and statements based on their experience during 50 years of environmental protection efforts, and will be published following the Stockholm+50 Conference.

Day 2, 19 May - Will focus on the Messages from the Major Groups. UNEP’s Major Groups and Facilitating Committee, the MGFC, will coordinate the programme. The focus will be on consolidating messages for the Stockholm+50 Conference. The report ‘The UNEP We Want,’ produced by the MGFC with input from a broad range of stakeholders and presented in March 2022, and input from the six recent regional UNEP stakeholder consultations held between January and May will guide these discussions together with the other political priorities of the major groups.


A joining link and detailed programmes for each day will be circulated soon.

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